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1. Sentenced To Death

Clouds and sun are over you; Over me; Wind is blowing on your face; Through my head; Are you staring at the wall; Behind me? Sweating hot or sweating cold; Did you swear? FIRE!!! ; Fire! Hit me! Fire!...

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2. Silence Of The Dead

Walkin' of this field i'm all alone; Thousands roaming souls upon the soil; Die and win for what you're fighting for; Can you feel the wind of pride and war; Marching legs on trembling earth; Seeking ...

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3. War Inside

Raise your head without words; Look over destruction; Gaze at flesh corruption; Burnin' inside of you; Little makes the big thing; Big destroyes the whole thing; Pain is not revealing; The evil flowin...

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4. Welcome To Your Nightmare

see you move your head, come back to me; When sleep is all you got; No worries on your mind leave them behind; The night has just begun; The city lights are down no one's around; And you are all alone...

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