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1. Embrace The Flames

For everything I said; I hope you fall on your own; Maybe this means your sadness; I think you're not enough; Laugh while you can; Tomorrow we'll see your fucking face; My arm will rise when you fall;...

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2. Lightless

Scream my fucking name and die; You've stayed long enough in my life; So this time I'll throw your rotten body; Through the land; Land of fire and the darkness; Satan, your job; Get all the evil; Get ...

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3. Rules

This ain't over, I will make you see; Try to disguise your breath; when you will see me? I know we can't run of this so let's do this quickly; The taste of your purity must be like your lips; Why are ...

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4. Welcome To Our Destruction

Falling from the highest mountain; this seems to be their destiny; The end of line was reached at this point; We're seeing the disgrace; of who destroys this place; Use your head, this is your mind; I...

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