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1. Obscure Truth

You wanna know the truth? Do you wanna know the truth? Let's use freedom nice and wise; Cast a ballot and decide; Think for minute, play it fair; Shut your mouth, let'em reign; Fair and Right; You kno...

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2. Road Without An End

When you are in the centre of battle; Then you have to fight; And you're figthing for; Your entire life; Then the evil comes to you; To harm your soul; And it want to; TAKE IT ALL; When you have no mo...

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3. With Mist I Fall

To build an empire within oneself... No-one to rule, yet no-one cares; What I ever was to take; Is vein; I’m pretty sane; Playing with my misery; What I ever was to take... ; Far away; Hide in the mis...

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