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1. Absolutely Wankered

I've only had 5 cans; I've got one more in my hand; And if i drink it really quick; I'll look like more of a man; I've had fuck all to eat; And now I'm slurring my speach; Try and down me some vodka; ...

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2. Break Away

I don't love you; But I love when you call me every night; Too young to love you; But I know this feeling's so right; Ain't all about the sex now, see; Just love you lying next to me; Even talking 'bo...

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3. Crazy Cool

I'm quite aware that smoking kills, But this nicotine addiction, Is helping me deal with any stress I'm feeling, If I get live failure before I'm 30, Then I've had a good time, So I guess its worth it...

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4. Love Has Got Me Stoned

No need for ecstasy; With you here next to me; You're all the stimulant I need; No need for heroin; 'cause you're my only sin; Without you, baby, I can't breathe; Tried to control my addiction; I need...

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5. My Skies

Lying here with out beautiful mistakes, Mistakes that are only ours to make, No regrets, just a cigarette, And I feel so free, I'm happier now, Than I have ever been, Laying here beside you, And Life ...

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6. Second Minute Hour

Got no future plans, I've got dirty hands, I've had some bad relationships; And one night stands, But i know its gonna make me a better man; Because of it, If there's a god, Then he knows that I've co...

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7. Sexy Beast

Are you loving me, for my energy? Is it clear to see that I'm a sexy beast? Come with me, come be my groupie, Maybe I can be [yeah] your sexy beast, ; Been hearing that you like my style, Hear I kinda...

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