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1. Blindfold

I could be easy but it's not; You can do realize or you can not; You're living a dream but never to wake; The better word to rhyme fake; The truth is before your eyes; But you give your back and leave...

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2. Earth Destroyers

Day after day I see and I can't believe; This world is going down; All the green become gray, burning everyday; And no one cares about it; We stain, we burn; We kill, we die; We are the earth destroye...

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3. Kill You Twice

I've never felt this way; That I feel today; I never knew the hate; That somehow suffocate; It isn't me, anger is all I see; I don't know what to do; Death isn't enough for you; Death isn't enough for...

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4. Straight To The Ground

People shaking their heads; Sayin' it's not gonna work; Am I too bad? Need I a lot of luck; I don't think it so; I'm stronger than ever; Determined too; You're going down forever; 'Cause you choose it...

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