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1. Betrayed

Coward, now what you see is what you; get, a fucking liar, you fucking liar; you wanted sympathy I'll give you apathy; couldn't be upfront you made a fool of me; Played me for a friend straight faced ...

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2. Blood Puddle

See me I'm still here; Laughin' at you through the fence; Think I'd just go away; Well now not a fucking Chance; I exist to annoy you; make your life a living hell; Thought you could rid me; Try but y...

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3. Bored

Stuck doin time in this dead end life; I got a 50/50 chance just to make it; out alive and if I do they say I won't; amount to anything, too much time on my; hands and they've taken everything; Idol m...

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4. Clarity

What would you say; If I said that you’re weak, if I told you to leave. I’ll be okay; Better off on my own you can leave me alone. It’s all the same; Changed in front of my eyes now I’m saying...

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5. Ducked Out

Put on, another plot that went wrong; Took the easy way out and said so long; Turned out fucked now what to do; outta guns can't run thinking I'm through; gotta get free because they're trying; to get...

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6. Envy You

So you hate me don’t imitate me; Who you talking about; FUCKED UP WAY OF LIFE; I got your ego so what‘s your deal; You keep comin around; IT’S BULLSHIT; You got your own thing go get your brass ...

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7. Listen

What the fuck do they know?(x8); I know it's like this but that Don't it has to be; You think I'll sit and take this verbal blasfeme? well my friend you've pegged me dead wrong; Hide your face in prin...

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8. Nothing

Dead inside eyes as cold as ice; this pain with in I can't deny; this time emotion pourin over; anger hate joy and bliss and at; times it don't compare to this; and I don't know which way to turn; I l...

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9. Prozac

You are about see a fight; The competent prepare themselves both fiscally and mentally; For the jury that laze and had a ban; If you never see a fight before; Be at live or stage; Chances are that you...

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10. Self Evident

All the choices; the consequences right or wrong; the voices reminding you; indicting you questioning; quick to anger the argument that rages on; long after its not resolved; no problem solved the fig...

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11. Unfounded

No I don’t fear it x4; I don’t fear it I just don’t wanna hear it; Constanly pissed but you can’t break my spirit; And you’re a fake motherfucker you know nothing about me; Down deep, so che...

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