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1. Comin' Out The Cellar

One two let me tell you we're comin' out the cellar; So get me on the mic I'll be the ill-funk fella; Here comes the fingers on the ill-funk flow; Pete freaks the beat just so everybody knows; I'm com...

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2. Funky 97

Funky fresh tracks I'm strapped with a pack; Pump the real rap false crap to the back; I stay true to the vibe and the flavor the old school; Gave you what all others lacked; Integrity contained in th...

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3. Look At Where You At

Look at where you at look look at where you're going; Listen to the rhyme check the way I'm flowing; Got to come correct when I select words for wreck; Because respect means more than any bullshit che...

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4. Posters

Post flow flow my dome is still steaming; Passing cheap hotels toward home to get dreaming; The city sky is starless on foot because I'm carless; But the thirty block walk from the spot is not the far...

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5. Rise

Speak upon an issue strain your brain tissue; But you don't raise your voice 'cause you're afraid someone will diss; you; Words are needing saying so you'd better say them quick; 'Cause second lady Ti...

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6. Whatchayassworth

Tell me what you're worth 'cause in a burst of flames; Blood stains could frame your body leaving your name in vain; Now tell me what you did you live for more what did you give your; Precious last br...

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