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1. Bid Farewell

Comfort, pulls me back inside; Self worth, has a place to hide; Push us back in corners and, make us fight you for our lives; Turn us into martyrs and, sneak up from behind; Bid farewell, human kind, ...

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2. Breathing

Come on and start right now; Where are these places, they hide themselves so well; In certain faces, I thought that you could tell; Which ones are decent, which ones begin to smell; Well you should ro...

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3. Broken Compass

As I try to find my way, this broken compass seems to lead so much further away; To live and breath another day, to see the things that I have seen, only a few of us may; Reap the rewards of life, so ...

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4. Descending

There is a feeling coming over me, it shows me how I really ought to be; It knows that there is something after me, why hide in shadows that I cannot see; I'm learning how to overcome disease, I'm mak...

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5. Life Of Mine

Come on show me your cancer, I might show mine; I've been holding out for something but, got left behind; Well I'm almost out of patience, don't cross that line; There's only so much I can handle till...

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6. Made Like This

Conclusions, illusions, of mainstream intrusions; I'm saying this is just your life; Brain of the main-frame, life; Your single one and only life; I'm starting from the back again, it's never ending; ...

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7. Pathetic

Had enough, listen up, this is it, starting again [repeat]; Don't you overlook the quiet ones, the ones who won't say; Had enough, listen up, this is it, starting again; You have too much time on your...

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8. Seem To Be Fine

you put me on a shelf how could i possibly have ever climbed so high; no different from yourself theres not a thing that we cant do if we'd just try; oh it feels like i can send my thoughts across the...

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9. Slip

Move along, there is nothing to see here; I need you strong, so get over your fear; Just turn it on, on all that you hold dear; Cause something's wrong, and the danger is near; If you slip, you can't ...

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10. The Gift

Please explain a couple of things to me; How could you leave and then turn your back on me; if only we said goodbye, maybe then i would respect my life; in the end i am so ashamed of what you did; (wh...

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11. Wait In Line

From the wreckage I pick up the pieces of my life; It's all around me ripped to shreds, I'm wounded and that's why; This time I'm taking mine, I will not wait in line; I'll bite the hand that feeds me...

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12. What You Are

Every perception is what you perceive, all that you know you were taught to believe; Something is stirring and something is cracked, there is no hope as you limp your way back; Pushing and pulling you...

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