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1. Bett Off (alone)

Fit For Rivals: Better Off (Alone); There's nothing left for you to say, it's the same old story. Your ignorance is what's to blame, it's worth ignoring. ; You're finding out that everyone has their o...

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2. Burn

Go back, back to the beginning. My heart was racing, nothing seemed to faze me. When you turned to me and said, all the time. ; Burn, burn, burn, baby, why don't we just burn? And I can't conceive wha...

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3. Can't Live Without You

Wait, don't leave me here alone, again. I can't make you believe, You're all I ever loved, But I guess that's not enough. ; I, I believe in this, Let's fight for us, Can't end this way. ; Can't live w...

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4. Crash

Don't know where I'm going. Everybody's running, everybody's running. Come back, after all is broken. Everything is burning, no one is returning. Step back, step back, everybody step back, step back. ...

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5. Cut Off Your Hands

Pass this on as my epilogue. Heartless, selfish,alone they'll fall. Light the match, breathe in deep I cried. Lock the doors, let them burn inside. ; Cut off your hands; There's no escaping. You try t...

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6. Damage

You don't know anything; You don't know anything; You don't know anything about me; Once it starts, it never stops; Discipline, it's all I'm not; Can't help myself, you listening? Why can't I say just...

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7. Fake

Love, it's just a male production; And everybody's worred; About fatal attraction; And i, i can't figure it out; So tell me how does it feel; All your lies; They're just a scripted routine; And they a...

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8. Freak Machine

Every time you come around, you come around; You're hotter than a fever; And you got me shaking down on my knees; You can either run around, run around; I just want your love now so give it to me; Cau...

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9. Gave It Away

(Oh oh oh, woah! Oh oh oh, woah); The boys are mad, just ran; To find it's way around; I've heard you're on the lips; Of everyone in town; But there ain't no consequence; No matter what you do; 'Cause...

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10. Get With Me

Hey, my conscious on the run. It's only because I forgot to tell you; That you're not the only one. Come, and show me what you got. My guess is better than yours; About what I am; And what you're not....

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11. Girl In Coma

You took it off, And put it on for them. Never satisfied; With no one no not anything. You take it all; And throw it back at them. Everything is wrong; Unless you have your way again. ; Take your time...

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12. Hallelujah

What you want from me. What I want from you. There's no working it out. Take your hands off me. This just cannot be. I've got someone waiting outside. Your tears coagulate, dear this is our fate. Just...

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13. Hit Me

You think you got it figured out; You think you know it all; This ain"t no competition, this was over? So come on motherfucker; C-c-c-c-c-c'mon! Yeah! C'mon yeah! If you're gonna hit me, hit me like a...

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14. Light That Shines

There is a cure; For the way that my heart burns; Love, so pure; That I can't put it into words; When I fall down and my heart hit rocks; You are there to lift me up; You're my light that shines; My e...

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15. Novocaine

Whoah; Woah-oah; I'm not your ordinary girl; When i first came into this world; I was born, that all, in the cold, in the dark; Don't think better right solution; Feel like me or revolution; Makes the...

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16. Reasoon

Prove to me you're just like them so I know I'm right again. You've changed throughout the years, but yet I remained here. It's such a shame to see you go it's for the best I know. ; Whoa, what's your...

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17. Special Kind Of Crazy

I don't know; If we have souls; I sit around and contemplate; It comes and goes and then I know that; I want inside your broken heart; Such a damaged broken heart; I want you near; I want to be inside...

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18. The Devil (Inside)

Take my hand, you murderer; We've met before, but now; I'm your prisoner; And the shadows fall out my head; Bury me in the sand; 'Cause I lost myself to the devil inside me; I'm so incomplete, I lost ...

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