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1. Black Mammoth

Fools gold, siphoned and sold, merchants of death; Dead in spirit, now dead in flesh; Born of violent flames, landscapes of ashes; The roots soak up the rain, burning in acid; The wounds are cauterize...

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2. Do You See Him

For shepherds we shall be; Leaders and liars cultivating the weak; Numb and trembling, hand in hand; Cowards we walk in shame; Bound to possessions like a noose on our throats; We deserve to choke upo...

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3. Empty Still

Leave the room; It was empty before and it is empty still; Cross bearer; Lost prayer; Lord give me nothing, I've already lost my will; To begin or end, never again; The nature of a broken soul is to b...

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4. Ghost In The River

Lay me deep in the mountain; Frozen limbs collapse as they climb; The impossible horizon; My will is broken; My eyes have seen what they've always known; Every man has a shadow behind him; Every soul;...

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5. Heads Will Hang

Death's breath on the back of our neck; The bitter taste of blood, flowing in floods; Consuming all the rations, neglect is a crime of passion; I don't believe we've earned our keep; Or deserve this p...

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6. Hollow Shell

Mourners in the hallway; Don't turn the lights out; For they await the passing; The devil knows, he always knows; How to find out where we hid the lashings; Show him your skin; Show him your skin; He ...

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7. Hydra

I watched a man die in the cold; He slept in the street; We left him there with nothing to eat; I watched a man burn in the coals; Shoveling shit into a furnace, trading a check for his soul; The city...

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8. Iron Moon

Do you feel numb, or are you really just over it? Old timer; Slave driver; Crack the whip while they sink our ship; Clocking in, work till the bones ache; No warmth so the hands shake; The pills suppr...

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9. Still We Destroy

I am human; I am horror; I am the creator and the destroyer; A black cloud of corrosive breath; I am the giver, the taker, the messenger of death; Relentless in our pride; Of never-ending faults; We m...

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10. Swing The Axe

Wish I had known that life lets you down; Wish I had known that everyone drowns; In a sewer just a puddle of swill and spit; And I can't breathe (I can't breathe); Cause it all smells like bullshit; W...

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11. Terraform

When the world is empty of souls; It will become so clean; Silent death; Assimilation; Hammers of seven hells fall from above; Settle the final debt, forced adaptation; Void of regret, absent of love;...

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12. When The Bulbs Burn Out

Feed the fire; Until it expires; Callous enemies, abandon sanity; Villains of vanity, design a life so clearly unstable; Dead remnants left adrift; Red rivers fill the rift; Poisonous pools emit an at...

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