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1. Accelerator

The society is subservient; To promote it's truth as a universal brand; About personal deviant; Like a wild fire it sweeps the land; Don't dare to think differentle; Then it'll drown you in it's lough...

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2. Catastrophe Consumer

He's educated by a defense-mechanism; To encase the mind's status; Still he feeds images of catastrophism; To his think-apparatus; Magnitudes of disorder; Grow, inflourishing bloom; Ejecting through s...

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3. Crater

Crater! I was bombed by a sanity defect; And I can't rebound from the impact; All words and actions have a collision effect; My blood strives towards a frenzied cataract; 'cause you ground me with you...

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4. Empty Nimbus

Senselessness occupied all senses; Was I following the patterns of dunces? The predictable laws in the exterior; Got indefinable as it floated into the interior; But conflicts turned to harmony; When ...

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5. Eremiten

Jag har satt mig själv i isolation; Avskild från bedömares kaskader; Liksom eremiten som ströp sin relation; Till masshysteri, och myriader; Av åsikter som tvingats till själen; Ett tungt och malande ...

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6. Magnetism

The flow of electrons aboard the compass; Tweaking the needle towards hell; Where the confluent harmony turns to fuzz; By field lines of anguish that encircle the cells; The neurons and the nerves; De...

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7. Mind Vortex

My persection is set to a mode; Of squeezing thoughts into one lane; A phase that ends with overload; Through the head blows a violent hurricane; I feed this process with mental twisters; While watchi...

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8. Syndrome

As we measure our existence; By axioms forged in our awareness; I long for science about lunacy's consistence; The composition of madness; Cause, the diagnosis "psychosis"; Darkens our vividity; It's ...

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9. The Chaos Algorithm

When the vapour of untempted fission; Energizer the eternal invasion; It spawns a chaotic violent mission; We're all victim for his sensation; Masters that turn to slaves; When the process conducts it...

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