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1. Believe

Believe in the power of your mind; Thus, your dream will come true; Don't you give up; cause your talent shines; Use your gift for something new; Believe, even blind; Fight! Let your fear aside; Explo...

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2. Breathing for Help

Oil extraction; mining, logging; water springs dried; People dying but still draining; these amazing sources of life; Watch the rainforests; totally devastated; in the next 40 years; Irreversible spec...

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3. Fighting for Freedom

Don't run and hide; there is no excuse; Break the chains; forget the shadows; Work for life; future, justice; Fight against the power; and march for freedom; Freedom, freedom; The world needs this to ...

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4. Fishead

Kids beloved, intensity; hardworking; Strong hearts; spirits calm me down; Inspiration flying; through the window; The sky couldn't be; a reasonable limit; God's Knights protect; brave travelers; The ...

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5. Green Hope

When the night comes down; You know there is no way to escape; Global warming going high; Earth is truly desperate; The size of the ozone hole; Is larger than ever; Stop clear-cutting in the Amazon; M...

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6. Holy War

Years of training for the mission; that God assigned him; An elect's privilege, a honor; To kill the enemy sins; "- I can live, I can die; but my faith will never be denied"; What will you find inside...

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7. I Wish I Could

There are things inside me; that push me down from the surface; So I walk but seem to crawl; Feeling the haze, following any trace; I keep feeling lost; I'm screaming but nothing ever comes out; Pleas...

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8. In My Hell

Are you hearing the screams; burning in cold desperation? Are you sensing this hatred; in a bed of poisoned temptation? it's me, a sinner; With all this anger; I'll never forgive you; Your way to subd...

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9. My Exile

In the dimly lit room she slept in peace; I held her hands, hearing her breathe; Life is hard, do what you've got to do; That's my last night; What will happen to you? My memory slips to other days; I...

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10. One Thousand Tears

I can't breathe out, I can't breathe in; this rage is totally out of control; And it seems that it is making me weak; Frustration and anger; are burning my soul; I wonder if you'll be fine; And now I'...

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11. Red Harpoons

Quiet, killer harpoon; waits the last breath; Giant doesn't know; its mortal enemy; Monsters laughing; whales slaughtered; Inside the red ship; in the infinite blue; Nations insanely whaling; Behind s...

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12. Road to Nowhere

Woke up thinkin' that my day; Would be like every other; Routine waitin' chokin' me; Thinking I'm going astray; Another maddening day; I'll leave it all behind; No need to know why; It doesn't matter ...

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13. Selfish Me

A question whispered; an indecision bathed in a bitter ignorance; How much selfish am I? Hush, it's a secret! Promise that you'll keep it; Pretend that you've been 'fixed' and 'cured'; Hold your tears...

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14. The Cure

I'm away in the darkness; where dreams scares me; my war will never end; I'm feeling alone; the time is going faster; my body can't react; My soul is sick; my brain is out of control; it seems I'm los...

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15. Walking to the Light

Walking step by step; Anxious to arrive soon; In my destiny I will find You; I'm still far away; I feel I'm watched; But I don't fear; I know You are there; The evil chases me; Quietly I close my eyes...

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