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1. Firestorm

Chorus:; Hey, hey, burned away; In the night on fire and the sunless day! Ha, ha, rule of law! Biggest lie you ever saw. ; Fall wars here and big crimes there; Make such a fine excuse; To put your lif...

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2. Heart Like An Axle

Too damn many losses, scars across your hide. Friend and home and family gone by. Do the miles of wasteland really roll the pain behind, Or are you racing for a place to die? Chorus:; Heart like an ax...

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3. The Horse-tamer's Daughter

My father was a horsetamer on the edge of Halley Plain. His work was good and his horses fine, but he got little gain, For few folk come out of Halley Town; the trade is gone away, And the distant glo...

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4. The Sun Is Also A Warrior

Two men walked on the beach in the sun. One left footprints, the other left none. One was a man who no man obeys;; The other a god from the ancient days. "Look," said the man, "how my kind make war. I...

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