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1. Because You Love Me

Because you love me; I am just what I am today (because you love me); Because you love me; I’m not the same I used to be (because you love me); Holding back to the day; When we were young; We were fal...

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2. Chicks Love Song

Control your self cause I am weak; Control your tongue and shut your beak; If you keep it on I’m not sure how long I’m gona take; To change my mood from hate to love or from love to hate, yeh; (ops: T...

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3. Mj

My dear; is not your time; and it’s not my line; but i new it all; I confece; You were not the best; Betwen the rest; But you were mine; But who are you (3x – 1ª e 3ª mesma melodia, 2ª é diferente); I...

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4. The Glue Man

I can’t stand you; I can’t see you any more; All these words you say are a picture; Of your behave, your look your attitude; Can’t you fell my disgrace; The look of agony on my face; Don’t you ever kn...

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