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1. Mary's Christmas

Say it ain't so; I got a list here; That tells me, my dear; That you've been blind; And I stand out in the snow; While your mistletoe; Is danglin' over his head; You're sittin' by the fire; Kindlin' d...

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2. Mind Over Matter

'cause i'm feeling more sick than i have before; And i can't tell if i'm on the ceiling or the floor; Now i'm waking up in someone's arms; Saying "how did i get here?"; It started off with just one si...

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3. Outlaw

I see my face up on every wall; In the big saloon or on city hall; I'm a wanted man; I'm a wanted man, it seems; That the sheriff doesn't want me in this town; But I ain't scared; I'm gonna hold my gr...

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4. Step It Out, Sweat It Out

Dim the lights, baby; It's time to take a step step step right into my shoes; And even if they dont fit; Make your way to the dance floor; Show the ones who ignore; Yhat you're outrageous and contagio...

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