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1. Divine Angel

I know it's hard the distance; But I can see you in my mind; It's not enough, but now it's taking me high; I want a special moment; I wanna make my dreams come true; And these things I will have when ...

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2. Heart In Fire

Soldier who fights against you shade; Just can't find your own way; Your destiny is already done; Never let go with your faith; And never get down with your head; The hope will be true if you face you...

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3. Icon

Stumbling my own steps in looking for; Safe consciousness within me; Free from the breathless insanity; Running or waiting I know where; I'm supposed to go; Even the places life doesn't show; But when...

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4. Mind Out

Now I've got the time to clean my mind; And heal my wounds; Got the time to look inside; And see the truth; Sewing remembrances; To a confused net; Miles between changes; Light years to regret; Impris...

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5. Revenge

Don't try to escape from me; I will forever stare at you; And there's nothing you can do; You really trouble me; The right thing is you've gotta pay; In my revenge you will see; When the fury comes, d...

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6. Stormy Shadow

Are you prepared for... The beginning of this war? Now it's too late, we can't get back in time; All mistakes from the past... Are getting back now, and they're the last; The final chance to do our be...

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7. The Top Of The Mountain

Never say "I can't"; Go ahead, try to make your best; If you don't consider this; You're a loser, think about and see; So follow my words and find your way... No effort is lost, no hard work is in vai...

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