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1. Battle At North Point

Battle At North Point; Voyage begins in the northern lands; Heading for what is now Newfoundland; a road less traveled, danger, dispair; for a warrior like culture; there was nothing to fear; ; Conque...

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2. Deadtime

Satan; Father; Take me from this place; Fuckin christians; Try to drive me away; When the moon is shining bright; Deep in the darkest night; Our battle will be won; When satans work is done; Its getti...

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3. Death From The Forest

You find yourself lost; In forest unknown; Think you hear breathing; But you're all alone; Something's behind you! Oh,its to late; Death from the forest; You meet your fate

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4. Iron Stake

Life, true remorse; The misfortune in my mind; Ruin, the building blocks; The slavery of mankind; Fire, in my hands; The heart is an endless pit; Run, is all you know; The nerve of death you've hit; R...

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5. Killer In The Night

A shot in the dark; Infamous killer in the night; Ive never seen his face; But i know he's there; Bullet in the back; Another unspoken attack; You can rest assured; His victims will suffer; Waiting......

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6. Misanthropy

Misanthropy; Life drained day by day; metal only cure; Drown in sea of fears; Morbid deathly blur; seen it all before; live today to die; before they hear; my cries (suicide); ; Live today to die; ; E...

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7. Out Of The Dark

Out Of The Dark; Frozen memories trapped in the past; my life soon fade away; lost in time nowhere to hide; nothing to be saved; Long ago had hopes and dreams; but that all fades away; once you're the...

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8. Soldiers Of War

I am the one; Who looks death in the face; Scanning the frontlines; Securing my place; Among the forgotten; The soldiers of war; I lead you to victory; We settle the score; Our plane leaves for da nan...

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9. The Legend Of Crusher

Thunderous earth-splitting sound; You can tell when crusher comes around; Pure metal feels no pain; This killing machine has me sustained; The big red beast; Is heading you're way; You best move along...

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10. Valley Of Unrest

Once it smiled a silent dell; Where the people did not dwell; They had gone unto the wars; Trusting to the mild stars; ; Nightly from their azure towers; To keep watch above the flowers; In the midst ...

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