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1. Another Theory Shot To Shit

from the hand of a government man; came these papers; came these signs; came these good things; from this machinery hums come; oiled and whirling; fast, strong; tightness, meshing; meshing forever; (p...

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2. Brave Captain

captain, there are doubts; regarding; your ability; to lead them; the men; lead them; there are doubts in your ability; there's too many blanks in your analogies; lieutenant there is talk; pertaining ...

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3. Caroms

a forged silhouette; on concrete; and there lands the template; a man; his church; a mind; and its state; made just for battle; his emotions he hides; he's sweating bullets; and takes them in stride; ...

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4. Chemical Wire

I'm the paint on the road; the weight of your load; with the cracked glass ground; fuck it! an itch in your brain; in the drain shootin' rain; I'm the flame from the train; I've been smeltin' rail; fl...

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5. Choose Any Memory

enough today; too long silent; please send a feeling; think me a thought; gone too far again; to no surprise (no surprise of mine); direct stellar contact; wait for dark (waiting for dark); hear me! h...

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6. It Matters

how to say it; when it don't come; I'm not tryin' to be vague; but silent anyway; confusion; with a smile and a sigh; I'm glad for a friend though they really know it matters; (it matters); if it don'...

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7. Locked In

locked-in to a dream; step by step; crawling but static; unchanged; unchanged; locked into emotion; finely tuned; aching to escape; harmful, harmless; unfounded; unfounded; locked-in to this world; si...

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8. On Your Knees

a political contribution; like the weeds in a garden; eyesore for the future; can you take my pardon? savage or a saint? automation has trances; in my working state; think I got a chance; I've been on...

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9. Perfect Pairs

with the message comes pain; with the dreams come sadness; with the emptiness comes reality; staring me in the eye; with the contact comes questions; with the love comes pain; with confusion comes the...

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10. Relating Dudes To Jazz

me; the night; my compadre Raymond; we were jumping fences; jumping for freedom; Ray says, "Hey Watt; stop here a second."; I said, "Hear her; out in New Haven?"; and then at the gig; I sat and I watc...

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11. Sometimes

Like a locomotive wheel; Feelings real as steel; Hearts are just bound to break; Well, I'm off and on my way; Rolling night and day; Highway's callin' my name; ; You know sometimes; Maybe always; You ...

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12. Things Could Turn Around

silence to regain composure; or rather, music to soothe; maybe a little magic could help; things could turn around; freeze this mood for now; hold tight till it thaws; wetness pulled out of me; so I c...

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13. This

this is my key; and I have seen; this is my cup; an eye on the land; this is my house; by the river; and a lonesome pine; sighs resign; this is my land; and no one will stand; this is my hand; without...

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14. Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets

the future holds a mystery; we talk but don't know; we hope but can't tell; we share but not all; the mystery holds fast; the future: scary; it eludes us though we try to find meaning everywhere; we w...

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