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1. Lion and Tiger

In the lands of gold; In the lakes of crystals; With lights of Jade; In my dreams I fixed; Without fear; Without name; Without lies; But with hungry; I'm a hunter and fast; I'm fast and wild; Running ...

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2. Masters Of The Seas

Crew on board, sleeping in their networks; All restless in his long journey; Expecting the worst when the drift; Navigating in the flavor waves; Long time live sand, water and broken shell; In search ...

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3. Night Fever

Let me see your hands; High in the air tonight; The weight of this sound; Breakdown the walls; Shout, shout! Lound n' pround; You can't stop the strike; We keep the fire burning; Shout, shout! Lound n...

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4. Streets of Fire

We find through the clouds of rain; Behind the walls, with blades and razors; The sound of the metal, the fight begins; Everyone runs to see the fight; In search of the foes the streets; Your souls ar...

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5. True As a Dream

I'm too old, too old for the world; I now live only in my mind, I'm young; Young to remember how much I feel honored; Because it is divine and thus can only be grateful to the time; Tell no lies, I re...

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