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1. A Better Time

I've been having visions on the way; The time is lost and you feel; Like the man who destroys the world; Time and nature will charge the price; But not everything is lost yet; There's still a chance t...

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2. Agonize

Did you see when our moment come; Did you see the time passing by; We are dead, you don`t care for life; I don`t believe I can`t believe; There is so much to do, why; Why are all people sleeping; Fire...

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3. Amaze Myself

Now it's time to let the game roll; The time has come; Many years and you can climb higher; Through a wall you can't see anything; Then I will fight; I must cross to see the other side; (bridge); You ...

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4. Ceremony

All dark ready; Begins the ceremony; Lit candles; The master of death; A strange person; The master of trash; Nobody knows; Cry out and dark minds; A temple of frigth; But that's all right; You cannot...

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5. Dying Not Knowing

Tears and tears; I don't understand; How can it be; You were my friend; Soon you went into infinity; I was alone; Give me a way; Dying not knowing; Someboby who has love; Time of desolation; I don't u...

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6. Eternal Night

Chances in the way of our lives; Some dreams insist to survive; I know that something will; Bring despair; And I'll feel hate sometimes; I'm waiting for crazy dreams again; Something's inside the mind...

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7. Fire Hunter

I can believe; In the reality; In the future world; I can`t believe; In fake promises; That I hear you say for all; The fear in your face; Your own fate; A Day make you cry; I want to make; Justice ha...

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8. Freedom for Living

To know or reach your objective; Leave your imagination to breed; In something that is safe; To happen in unexpected facts; Great for a good young man; In truth don`t hope much from yourself; But can ...

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9. In Your Eyes

I walk alone the way; And try to understand; But now you break my heart; I do not fear the way; Without you I cannot live; You're with me all the time; (bridge); And you know what I want; I need your ...

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10. It's Time to Believe

Reaching for the clouds; It's good when you are sure; To make the dream real, it depends only on you; Whatever the reason; Now all together; And I still hope to fight for this, day after day; We are r...

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11. Like a Judas

When you`re a young man; And want always to see discoveries; The future's menaces; Are secrets, and fatalities; Another day comes; But seems forever yesterday; And we drowned again; In a sea of sanity...

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12. No Fear no Lies

Life is long, like farewells; And the night has brought lies; The boy with guilt has the longest path; Now I know this farewell; Casts a light on silence; It is time to go but we're still together; (b...

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13. Simple But Proud

A new day has dawned; The sun rises again; The birds sing in the trees; Announcing, the bright sun; I feel like a new man; With a renewed soul; Breathing deep, this is my life; I walk the line, do not...

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14. Soul of Sorrow

Disillusion appears in the memories; Of people that live in a sea of sorrow; Suffocated in tears losing their years; The wind blows in the north; Night falls, dark moonlight; Looking at the side is fo...

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15. Walk Together

Now there's promise for my way; On two open roads; There's a promise made to walk together; Low but proud I'm on my way; I feel there's hope and I will not give up; Because the storm is over now, let'...

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16. When Tears Dry

You wake up every day; And think I'm a slave; Is this my life? You are not free; And have to believe; That's why! Praying day by day; But you never will say; Don't cry; Keep on working; Your life is a...

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17. You Live in Me

Time goes by, free my day; And not just for the eyes; For the heart and mind! Oh! His heart is with the children; That at nightfall cry with pain; For the loved, now filled with cold; Child living wit...

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18. You''ll Feel It Now

Searching inside my mind; I can't find the way; I will try to remember; There are storms all around me; I still have a long road to follow; I am on the road to turn back time; I find the real words to...

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