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1. Diversion

Forward motion is the only option; I'm pushing hard, but the current is stronger; My heart has carried me as far I think I can go; And I could drown if I stop or I falter; The sea is full of sharks as...

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2. End Transmission

Where did we go? How could we stray so far away? Delusional; Tell me that we're not the ones to blame; I suggest you walk this lonely road; to find redemption and become a hero; Resolution, don't watc...

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3. Evolve

We've played this game before; But it never seems to change; We die, it still remains the same; A hidden hand in the dark; And no one seems to know; How far down the rabbit hole goes; You don't ask an...

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4. Excuse Me

Look what I’ve found, come get down; It’s that revolution sound; Call it second emancipation; Break these chains and let me out; It’s not violence I’m on about; But riot boots still hit the ground; Lo...

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5. In Spite Of Doubt

How many shots can you take at me; Before I give you; The reaction you're looking for? How many times do you think; You can push and pull; And put me through the back and forth? Glory hallelujah; I've...

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6. Into The Blue

I see the water rushing in; Wash me away; I'm sick of lying and telling myself; That it's all good, it's gonna work out; Living in doubt; Running away from the truth; Just to accommodate you; What can...

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7. Public Enemy

What do you see when you look at me? Am I the byproduct of tragedy? One of the many of a lost generation; Born in the ruins of a broken nation; Politics are parlor tricks; Hate and fear sold in differ...

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