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1. Let It Roll

Look back and free yourself from all the fear; Even if your spirit is running away from you; Don't turn back when you walk away from here; You shouldn't let your demons get too close to you; Let it go...

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2. Love Reconnected

You're burning all the matches; Keeping me away from home; And the sun that warmed our souls; Is now fading with the dawn; I see you in the distance; From my never ending storm; And a tear drop weight...

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3. Merry-Go-Round

I grew old too soon to see; Dreams can get mixed up with reality; Love is luck and fun is fuel; Time is tough and also cruel; You shouldn't play; If you dont want it all; You shouldn't stand if your n...

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4. Never Learn (Best Intuition)

Embracing the sky with bare hands; Caressing the world before it ends; Embellished poetry lines wouldn't define my fate; I'm following my best intuition; You say I never learn; Toss me up then deny me...

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