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1. Abacus

The grass is screaming long; Midnight cars roll past; I've been chasing your room; While the summer lasts; So count it on your fingers; If we got it wrong; It's cause the days have no numbers; If we l...

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2. Be Good Or Be Gone

If you happen to read this, Rose was born. Child actor-ess, On the fifth day of the snow. ; Be good or be gone, Be good or be, be gone. ; The range is staggering, Movement and timing. Frame by frame, ...

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3. Black Water Child

Down here underneath the microscope; It's hard to cope; Don't hide your face in your hands; Cause if your eyes play tricks; It's out of my control; It's gonna be a long cold winter; Skeletons and tree...

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4. Bunker Or Basement

Wait your turn; You always go for the jugular; Like a juggernaut; Spinning off the asphalt; We wait around pacing round this table; You arrive on time to help us lift the trophy; Bunker or basement th...

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5. Change The Locks

It stretches on for miles; There's gold beneath the ice; Headlights are the arms; The arms of friends; Reachin.. ; Change the locks, the locks; Before they come in; Come in through the floor; Change t...

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6. Hey Rabbit

Hey Rabbit you've had it; Your fingers are in the coin disposal; Hey worm you're tunnelling out; You would not listen to their proposal; The springs in the mattress will never reveal; How I entered; I...

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7. Hotel Room

Send the sky in an envelope; Well the TV's hanging from the window on a rope; I didn't mean to say; What I said that time, it's an angry line; Step aboard the train, it's leaving now; In a hotel room ...

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8. Hunters Map

They're biting at your heels; Country lanes lead to fields; Who was that fox caught in that trap? Laid with hunters map; When the cloud rolls back, back, back; I'll meet you at the mill; Depressions i...

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9. Noah (ghost In A Sheet)

There's nobody out there, it's just the noise of the wind; There's nobody out there and nobody is getting in; I hope that happiness finds it's way to your little house; While you were sleeping I, I pl...

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10. Put A Penny In The Slot

I apologise, seem to have arrived, On what items in my bag from your house. There's cutlery, a tablecloth, some Hennessy, And a book on Presidents deceased. I'll have them fed-exed to you, It was a st...

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11. Snowy Atlas Mountains

We came down by the factory; Industrial yarns where my father did work; When I was a boy I went to far; I lost the tread in the darkest of space; If I become antique you'll collect me; If I become che...

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12. The Cowshed

I still see you as a baby, I do; Climbing onto the stage in front of the school; High strung; The cat got your tongue; The spotlight came out; You'd been strung; I followed the trail; when I heard tha...

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13. The End Of History

I feel your sorrow chasing tomorrow; There is no distance in your absence; If you call the monsters they will appear; Like I disappear Blackout; There is resistance behind enemy lines; There goes the ...

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14. The Underwood Typewriter

The roots go deep below ground; I like to walk with you in the evening; Up the hill and back down; I watch the mailboat from the clearing; My mind is so confused, I climb back on top of you; And I'm c...

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