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1. Being Human

I can't lead the stranges; I am just a seeking guy; Living on the edge... Heading for the light; I'm a son of the thunders; On the way to paradise; Running from deamons... Falling from the sky; Holdin...

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2. Homines Dissensio

I try to wake up; I try to feel me stronger; but when I make it... I feel the humanity; I can not touch it... the finitude´s around us; The fate is calling (me)... I´m walking on my path; I´m not a he...

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3. Inside A Human's Head

My kind will not fall; My pride can´t go on; I don´t recognize; My face in the mirror; Lord... don´t you know; The despair I´m carrying inside? It seems to be a dead end; I am locked into this faithle...

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4. Never See My Fall

I am immersed in this pollution; Now you gonna feel my retribution; Another beat, another bite in my own face; Inside a human?s head; I have not been cursed with fear; They?ll never see my fall; There...

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5. Prelude To Agnosia

A shadow into darkness; Voices into my head in lies; Am I becoming insane, losing my mind? (Fallen one) yeah... You're losing your mind; I hear the voices, don't know why; (Fallen one) you will fall c...

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6. Pretending

Should I get down on my kness in front of fear? Must I become a sane and try to see it? Will I find the house I´m standing in? How feel beyond the skin the pain within? ; "No life... I feel like a hel...

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7. Ruins To The Ground

Inside I have no feelings or doubts; At least I pretend to; My wide open eyes are trying to understand this inevitable truth; The Earth cries feeling all the pain that the ages injected in its life; D...

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8. Sleeping Eye

A candle´s light fading away; A tight dundge closing in on me; A smile covered up of tears; A sleeping eye gazing at me; BRIDGE; I´m so envolved by the frightness; I´m a blind lost in the silence; I c...

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9. Way Of Wisdom

Part i - the voices are warning; Why do i feel it here; Telling me this dirty noise? I am just a little sane; Trying to find the holy gate; "you don't what it is; You're not safe in here; Listen to me...

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