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1. Battlefield

I see the armies upon a great plain; I know we won't fight this battle in vain; I feel the fire that's burning to ashes; My heart from within; THe rage is boiling as water on fire; Soon it will swamp ...

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2. Crosses Shall Burn

All of you talk about love and happiness; But what did you bring here? Slavery and death; You're building your churches and praying your messiah; You think he'll set you free... dirty jewish liar; No!...

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3. Flame Of Rage

Thousand years of jewish aggression; Humiliation of Aryan nation; White race is falling; Monkey that's gnowing a bone; Climbs up a throne; White girls give birth to coloured degenerates; How is bearin...

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4. Land Of The Free

Somewhere in the desert of the void; Beyond the wall; We're the last survivors; We're the ones who'll never fall; Men inside the circle leave the night! Darkness all around us; Not a single beam of li...

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5. Victory

The day of victory is near. I see it clear; The day when our nation will live without a fear; When we won't be afraid to show our pride and might; When we will say ourselves: "We're ready for the figh...

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6. Winter Will End

From the south the winter has come; There's no flowers, snow is around; Sun is shining but warmth is hiding; In temples built for the clown; Who can say there's no other way; I'm not a fool to blindly...

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7. Wolves Are Alive

Darkness and fear - that's what I see; The moon is shining over trees; As the eye of eternity; Why many people turned to sheeps; And with prayers on their lips; They can say that they are free? [Choru...

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