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1. Buck You

Fire in sky; That? s where I am tonight; Then I saw you walk through; Looking lackadaisical; It? s everything; You can call my phone; You can call my home; And if that don? t work; You can call my nam...

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2. Find a Way

Never believe what they say when you ask; Questions to those you confide; There's only one person who knows what to do; And it's always the last one you find; But always right on time; Do you know how...

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3. Fun-Key

10 at night and you're pulling me down; We've been together 2 years; And it's still the same sound; Let's change things now; Fuck it, we'll tear it all down; And stand proud; 'Cause symbols are easy t...

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4. Punksy

How many times have u been in love in your life? I can 't recall; We need to live longer; Cause I still don't know who you are; It's so nice makin' love to your girl; But is it better than having all ...

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5. To Get Up and Vanish

Left or right you never know; When we're driving down the street; I can crash the car and die; But you'll still be so cute; It's these little things; That make me love; You even more; Than yesterday; ...

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