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1. Alright

I'll keep, my pursuit; I'll be the heel, of your boot; I'll be a spy, on a suit; Cause my heart miss the piece you took; When you say we couldn't be; I could not believe; All the time I didn't want to...

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2. Cherry Cigarettes

I wasted all of my cherry cigarettes; with you sitting here by my side; I just wanna make you smile; another time in your short life; I'm solving all the puzzles in my head; As I try to make you stop ...

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3. I'll Put You On My Shoulders

I don't know what you want today; Well I want to run away; What you got to say? Take my hand and come; You see, how it used to be; Easy as 123; that's a part of me, girl; Look underneath your sleeve; ...

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4. My Religion

She's my religion, and when I was just a kid; She came into my life and changed the things I did; She's my religion, and it will always be; Cause sometimes in life you hear; What you are not able to s...

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5. Stay Over The Night

Riding my yellow bike; Riding to my house and I know it's late at night; I'd rather go to sally's house instead; Where I know there's a bed we both could share; Maybe I will give her a call; Ask her t...

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6. Try

I can't complain, about the problems I gave you; But I can be sorry for the things I have done; I can't go back to the past and solve the mistakes I've made; And I know all the memories soon will be g...

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7. Unchainable

This world will never scare us; We got all the time we need out here; And they will never rule us; Because we are young; We will resist; They can hunt us all the time they want; But we'll be always st...

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8. Your Eyes

I'm walking down the street, alone; Thinkin about us; I guess it doesn't work out sometimes; Now I see you moving on; And I can't think that you're now gone; How can I step it up this time? How couldn...

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