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1. Eletric Bones

If I'm a good lover after the rush if I'm still around to love; What if I'm still looking for that love the love that keeps my blood; I can see right through you and there's nothing on the other side;...

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2. Forgotten Pleasures

I would crush so close to you; We'd count clouds in planes, baby pink and blue; Deep in the lust between the looks; All the games we played, all the drugs we took; These thoughts often come along; For...

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3. Greasy Love

I'm always in a greasy kind of love oh; I'm always in a greasy kind of love; Well I was whispered in heaven and sung in hell; and I was drawn to the bodies I knew so well; but you know you don't touch...

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4. Monomania

You are my monomania; While this year has been unlucky for some; As the world is getting stranger; I propose revolutionary love; And so I push all the pain below; We walk shadow to shadow; Slow throug...

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5. Off & On

The blood is thick, thicker than my thoughts are quick; Quicker than these thoughts turn sick, sick, sicker than my temperature rising; Sicker than the whites of their eyes despising me and all my lov...

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6. Waste My Time

I can't love in a city like this; Caught up in the moments where I don't exist; Do I recall what I'm supposed to know; My heart beats fast but my body is slow; They say I'm no good, but I've never bee...

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