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1. Cast My Cares

When fear feels bigger than my faith; And struggles steals my breath away; When my back pressed up against the wall; With the weight of my worries stacked up tall; You're strong enough to hold it all;...

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2. City Night

I was a no name shepherd; On the edge of david's town; Everything was ordinary; But that one star shining down; Some people's work was ending; Some other's just began; Houses filled with families; Str...

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3. Hallelujah One More Time

You can hear it rise from places; From humble shacks to sacred spaces; Anywhere the heart's awakened; From all the saints who've gone before us; To all who stand here in this moment; We join the new a...

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4. I'll Find You

Sometimes I think you're hidden; Somewhere far somewhere out of site; Sometimes I think I'm alone here; In the dark trying to find the light; But when I look back; I can't forget that; You've never le...

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5. It Is Well

When peace is like a river rushing my way; When trouble's like an ocean wave after wave; It is well; I don't know all the answers but I know that You are good; And You are always faithful no matter ho...

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6. On The Water

I've been feeling like; I'm going through the motions; I don't want you to notice; I am longing; For your grace to take me under; And see your love in color; Now standing on the edge; Looking out to w...

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7. Refuge

Though the earth should change; And the mountains slip away; You will keep me safe; Who you are will still remain; You're the place, you're the place that I call home; You're the fire that I feel insi...

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8. Say Amen

This life is a jorney we wolk by faith; There will always be the moutains in our way; But right here in this moment; May our strenght be renewed; As we recall what God has done; And how we've seen Him...

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9. Slip On By

Early morning by the riverside; Saw a old man waiting for a bite; We started talking and he took me back in time; He said I was young, and thought I'd always be; Then I woke up, now I'm 83; There's so...

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10. Till Your Kingdom Comes

Step by step; There isn't fight; That we cannot face; That You haven't faced; Breath by breath You brought us to life; Now we're wide-awake; And We're unashamed; Until You bring us home; We're gonna w...

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11. Tiny Town

Those dirt roads are gravel now; That old storefront is falling down; Same ole population sign; Still nine hundred thirty nine; They've come and gone; We'd fry fish out at grandma's house; Man I sure ...

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