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1. Cold Sun

I stare into the night; Can't see no light, forever gone; Why was I so blind ? Maybe the sun was much too strong; Now I'm on my own, my heart of stone comes back to life; Death opens my eyes to past m...

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2. Evil Game

And when her heart strays away; She blinks at the light of day; When the truth is too hard to face; She's ready to fall from grace; Where is the girl that I used to know ? I can't feel the love anymor...

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3. Far From You

A wave of despair; Sweeps over me; It's a new failure; That buries me; My fragile ties; With written life; Disappear in turn; Harassed by time; Fly away, far from all; Far from you, free; Fly away, fa...

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4. Final Tragedy

Forever lost; Behind the mask; The reflection; Is just a lie; In the darkness; No more landmarks; I need someone; To show me the way; All these faces; So much dissension; Internal confusion; Who tops ...

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5. Gift?

Part I: Purgatory; Gift, it comes unwrapped; Take, no turning back; Call, follow the track; Fear my soul is black; Lovely child, open eyes, new to life, bound to die; Welcome pain, with a smile, mamma...

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6. Leathal Pursuit

How did this lethal pursuit all begin ? How long before Babel collapses again ? Our Father speaks to us but we won't understand; In our garden of dust we plant the seeds of rage; More and more we need...

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7. On A Fall's Night

Ooh let me dive in your eyes; Ooh let me dive in your eyes; Now I know, I can see it all so clear; Please don't go, 'cause baby I need you near; Lights on, bright, I'm hidden down in the shade; I hear...

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8. One More Time

Why did we die last night ? Why did I follow you down in the deep dark sea ? One more time; I wanna lay down and die; Love colored me blind; I can't tell black from white; Baleful moonlight; Lost soul...

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9. Speak The Words

I need the hurting words; Please let me hear them now; Quench my need for pain; I want to feel it now; Silence he spoke again, oh; Or is it I don't want to hear ? I read the words in his trembling han...

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10. The Missing Person

Will i see this magic star again; Who gave me love; Who gave me everything i needed; Loneliness doesn't have a hold on me; Death will help me understand this mistake; The snake holds his head up; Out ...

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11. The Wait

Bad dreams keep telling me it's all in vain; They say I'm just training my love for pain; You would never give me the key to your heart; And this wait would only tear my soul apart; Night dawns, I ris...

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