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1. A Prayer Away

A Prayer Away; Hail Mary, full of Grace; The Lord is with thee; Blessed art thou among women; And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God; Pray for us sinners, now; And at th...

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2. Age Of Ashes

Age of Ashes; Born in submission, under the regime; Young left with shattered, remains of a dream; Big brother's watch guard, not freedom sustained; Disenchanted lineage, the future waits in vain, aga...

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3. Dreams Of Madness

Dreams of Madness; Awakened by nightmares, the fates in your head; Where lucidity once tread; Asking the mentor, but what does he know? The answers to questions lie six feet below; Pre Chorus:; Echo t...

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4. Flight Of The Phoenix

Flight of the Phoenix; Lightning fast, in fear you hide; Everything is all inside; Sometimes it can be true; Oh, it can happen to you; Chorus:; And you will see, Just what will be; And If we stand tal...

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5. Gods Of War [titanic Cover]

Gods of War [Titanic Cover]; Nightmare, breakdown; Hold tight, black knight; Full speed, turn back; Don't stop, attack; Blind trust, cold steel; Torn flesh, you kneel; Full moon, dark sky; Realize it'...

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6. In The Night

In the Night; Searching the land, Far and wide; Unaffected action, seems so trite; Protected by his camouflage; And keeping hidden from all sight; Taking orders on command; Give the wicked their last ...

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7. Infidel

Infidel; I've said my prayers, for my penance I prepare; Salvation, is a prayer away; Prechorus:; A new crusade, on ancient sand; Kill to possess, the Promised Land; Martyr or murder, sustaining death...

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8. Murder On Contract

Murder on Contract; A lady in black, cold retribution; The chapter's begun, seeking restitution; In the shadows, all pulses on high; Gotta make it fast, cause the job's on the line; Prechorus:; Won't ...

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9. Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes; Like a blinding light, or a chilling stare; Imagine your life in the dark; Your Eyes wide shut, dark and gray; It's not enough to ignite the spark; Chorus:; Open your eyes; What do you...

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10. Rise Again

Rise Again; The Lady of fortune, a fortune of lies; Pierces the heart, inducing demise; Succubus creature, beguiling affection; Toy with your thoughts, swells the infection; Prechorus:; Refuse to peri...

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11. The Heretic

The Heretic; Come and walk with the man, his evil you'll embrace; Don't listen: he's the devil; he'll rob you of your grace; You cannot find the truth, The inquest of your soul; You won't live to tell...

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12. Through The Mirror

Through the Mirror; Seems there's some commotion, starting in town; Wild run emotions, as their blood coats the ground; No innocent are spared, caught in the crossfire; Papers call it a "surge", and s...

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