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1. Absent Minded

Absent Minded; ; my eyes are hurting; by the effort of staring; but i don’t feel; anything at all; it does’nt matter; when the world is spinning; around in circles; a never ending fall; your spoken wo...

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2. Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment; ; punish you; for your wicked game; desire to please; it’s a shame; it’s a shame to believe in; it’s a shame to close your eyes; just in sin you’re believing; i close my eyes; divin...

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3. Dream Tunnel

Dream Tunnel; ; words of evil are hurting me; minds of oddity are flowing trough my dreams; can’t drop my anxiety of losing myself; in senseless whispering; is there anybody here; i’ve got no answer; ...

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4. Nowhere Land

Nowhere Land; ; two thousand years; forgotten fears; this is the land of destructive world; the land of sadness; the land of blood; two thousand times; we walked in blood; must be the end of this plas...

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5. Salvation

Reflection in a mirror; All you see is an error; Youth got lost on a rainy day; Your minds are confused; Not able to realize; Rebirth for destruction; Savage stoopid (and) hypnotized; Scenario in scie...

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6. Static City

Static City; ; can you see the white man; with the small gun by the hand; in virtuell world of evil; foreign land; isolation - of all minds; penetration - of any kind; can you feel the hard rain; like...

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7. Swamp

Swamp; ; in still silence; in still silence she comes; slower moves of desperation; i feel the taste of moor; smell the colour of time; gimme your helping hand; catch me if i fall; ‘cause i’m so blind...

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8. Tears

Tears; ; today it seems to be; i’m a fool without a dream; live without a colour; red and yellow flowers; in a black and white shot; if you’re crying over me; and a tear is falling down; and a fiction...

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9. Time For Secrets

Time For Secrets; ; Can you see the star; can you feel the heat; a deep shimering warm place; no chance to go; can you see my star; can you feel my heart; it bleeds for you and; beats for me; Can you ...

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10. When You Turn Your Back To Me

When You Turn Your Back To Me; ; tempted by the scent of time; caught by the noise of this place; my head is broken; in cause of thinking; putrefaction is just beginning; you were dreaming; as you wer...

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11. White Star

White Star; ; see the blue eyes; looking at you; give you love and heat; a feeling of peace; so warm - look; full of luck; can you destroy this; is it not the feeling; of a child to the mother; when i...

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12. Your Smile

Your Smile; ; one look in your eyes; they are empty; tracks of tears; they look like lines in my hand; injection for eternity; dark sky gifts; (no choice); your words are echoing in my minds; (wicked ...

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