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1. Always On Top

So much in love with this, that we discovered years ago. I couldn't care less 'bout those who turned their backs. No more, no more, no more of this. No more, no more, Always on top. ; The Wild At Hear...

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2. Broken Mirror

The streets are plastered with their propaganda; Of beautiful puppets “taking care”, On the path of exploitation. Millions awake in shame each day, In fucking shame each day. ; Broken mirror - Won't l...

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3. Empower

Rip my heart out, burn my flesh and drink my tears. All of this only fuels my fire. Tie my hands, shut my mouth and blind my eyes. Every attempt to silence me only makes me stronger. ; All of this fue...

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4. First World Down First

First world down first - bound to fall... ; Your self-destructive society, a life full of misery. Poverty and corruption; Attempt to kill. ; Religious leaders lead astray, Drawing thousands straight t...

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5. No Place To Turn

The wake-up call of this modern world. Thousands of smashed bodies and suicide bomb blasts. But still the truth is right in front, in front of us. We pretend to be awake with our eyes wide shut. ; No ...

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6. One By One

A little boy came across the street. Eyes full of fear, his mind filled with hate. He asked a man "where do the soldiers stay", 'cause daddy told him "blow them all away". ; "Five blocks down & you'll...

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7. Out Of Content

Work until we die, another labor-slave. Fired within minutes, but chained forever. To the bottom-line of this system; By our own sweat, time and energy. ; Let’s kill this to keep ourselves alive. Labo...

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8. The Anthem

This is my anthem for all those…; This is my anthem for all those, Who aren't jaded, whose love won't fade. ; To all those disillusioned, fake and insincere. Nobody cares about you cause we're still h...

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