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1. Agression Overdrive

Sweet harmony, sugar sweet sundays; Such a nice daydream, not my reality; I get pissed off waiting on the line for nothing; My rage increases when my time's wasted; And those ass lickers I see all aro...

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2. Ardent

When does it end? When can I rest? The runaway pace of being; Has left me standing; Sometimes I stand tall; And laugh at the world; Sometimes I’m the one who falls; And the world laughs at me; Indiffe...

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3. Bleeding Sky

I cannot comprehend all this waste of humanity; Everything created from nothing just for vain? I see the end of the world as we know it; I feel the suffering begins and ends this all; I believe arroga...

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4. Doze

Between two worlds; I lay by the line; Too tired to sleep; Too tired to shine; Where I've wandered; It's somewhere there; Or maybe I've just; Stayed still here; ...And dreamed; Decades of chaos; Insta...

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5. My Pain

Polluted land, our souls are getting colder; Each other we slander to get some shelter; A lie on our lips we smile; Pretend to love, hate is an unknown crime; Cover the bones under the leaves; No one ...

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6. Regression Is Transgression

Indefinite is the evolution; Forever sifting the fabric; The fabric organic; Incurable disease; A boon to the biosphere; Work of ours is undone; Inventions with unnatural nexus; Killing us with good i...

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7. Solemn Art

Let go as tight as you can; Slip through the velvet; Searching the skyline; Ignoring the firmament; The glow in your plasma; Like magick-coloured oil; Upon a ravaged canvas; Into a tainted soil; Origi...

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8. What Flows Within

Dark emotions oozes within; Thru my nervous system; I fall back, I'm paralyzed; I sink into razor sea of forgotten past; Unforgiven moments of betrayal; Unforgiven pain; It cuts so deep; And I scream ...

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