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1. Lose All Control

Smashing your head to the stage; Jumping around in furious rage; Circle pits, moshpits: you lost all control; Giving meaning to you soul; Forget everything, lose all control; Forget the pain, destroy ...

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2. Power To Kill

Gear up to battle with anger and hate; As you feel the fire burning in you; It's in your veins giving you power; Giving you the power to kill; Rushing foreward against your enemy; With a mighty sword ...

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3. The Black Plauge

They came from nowhere and made it worse; Rats of death, bringing the curse; They struck society, with chaos and fear; Stricken with desease, kill everyone near; Black plague is always by your side; T...

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4. Thrash Assault

You're standing in the front of us, you're standing all still; When you should be raging and getting ready to kill; You fucking shits, start to thrash; Bang your heads 'till you're smashed; Thrash Ass...

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