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1. Are You Ready?

There's a fine line you have drawn between right and wrong; I can see it in your eyes; As you turn and walk away I kneel down to pray; I can almost hear the cries; (Chorus); Are you ready to meet your...

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2. Ball and Chain

These prison walls keep closing in; This chain grows longer as I continue in sin; Link by link, yard by yard, can't ya see the scars? Tonight I'll change, oh please believe; The ball and chain, oh yea...

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3. Baptized In Blood

I'll sing until my lungs bleed just to praise His name; I'll shout and make a loud noise to show you I'm not ashamed; I will lift my head high and bow down on my knees; I will praise the King of the k...

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4. Blind Faith

Will you live by faith and not by what you see? Pick up your cross and come, and follow me; No time for games, no time to lay around; Will you take a step when you cannot see the ground? Blind faith, ...

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5. Close To Deliverance

Growl Growl Yeah! Gonna be a time at the end of the world; When darkness reigns and evil rules; People fall away to accept the mark; But they condemn themselves as fools; Are you gonna take a chance t...

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6. Don't Run Away

Don't run away, no! Don't run away; You play this game, it's all in your head; Excuses made 'til the day that you're dead; You don't have time, you can't change your ways; Think life is fine, so that'...

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7. Hangin' By a Thread

Do you walk a fine line and think you'll never fall? The world's a puppet in his hand, he's gonna hang'em all; You'll feel something, you'll feel pain; You'll feel like you've gone insane; Hangin' by ...

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8. Heads Will Roll

Heads will roll; The smell of death in the air cause the children to grieve; Cry a river of tears but you still won't believe; Close your eyes to the world, pretend it's all just a game; As it darkens...

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9. Metal Missionaries

Raise a stone and dig another plot; Had us convinced you're something you're not; We see the signs, your pulse grows weak; We feel betrayed each time you speak; Your pressure's low and dropping fast; ...

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10. No Time To Die

You give an inch, he'll take a mile; You turn around and he'll crush you to the ground; You shake your head, do you feel the pain? There's a price to pay whey you've thrown it all away; (Chorus); Ther...

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11. Rated X

Yeah Yeah Ow! I can tell your life's rated X and there's nothing left to show; You've done it all with effects; is there something you don't know? You say you pray on little children or whoever you ca...

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12. Slaves

We'll go anywhere You want us to go; We'll play where You want us to play; We'll do anything You want us to do; We'll stay if You want us to stay; Slaves, we're your slaves; Slaves, we're your slaves;...

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13. Soldier Of Compromise

You're living in the darkness; but you say you've found your way; Who do you think you're fooling; when you lead them all astray? You're taking all His glory and giving it to men; Why don't you stop y...

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14. Thrown In The Fire

He was standing all alone by his bed; the barrel placed to his head; Wishing his life was through, but he knew; She was crying hoping somebody cared; her body sold and was shared; Her dreams crushed i...

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15. Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance is mine, holy and divine; Vengeance is mine, holy and divine; Do they lie to your face? And do they break your heart in two? Does he bring you disgrace? How I wish you only knew; Messiah, Sa...

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16. War Cry

A horse of fire riding through the sky; Don't give up the fight, are you prepared to die? It's war! When you're under the gun; It's war! And the battle has only begun; Can't you see there's bodies all...

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17. We're Not Heroes

As the curtain slowly opens; The crowd screams out there names; They're lost in the nightmare; Of fortune and fame; You give them all the glory; And raise your hands up high; There's idols on the stag...

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18. Worlds Away

I never believed the things they said; Thought it wasn't true, now look who's dead; I feel in pain, burned from inside; Tortures from here, I can't describe; World's away, worlds away; What I wouldn't...

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