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1. ...and Thousand Men Will Die

Once the time will come; Our last day beneath the sun; When lightning smash through clouds; And darkness reigns the sky; This is the day when warriors ride and; Thousand men will die; When hooves and ...

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2. Battlesong

In our kingdom the battle arrives; 5000 enemies want our lives; But not with us; We're proud of our lives; We're strong vikings and of course; Odin's children; The armor is strong; And fear is gone; W...

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3. Blinded By Hypocrisy

Look above your head, blackened is the night; Black like endless death, the stars are losing their light; Hear the heavy pound, like a thousand hooves its sound; No more the sky is quiet, the stars ha...

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4. Epilog

Great stories have been told; Of strong heroes and ancient wars; And now we live in a glorious world; The sun shines brighter then ever before; And the fields are greener and the sky is so blue; Peace...

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5. March And Fight

Dusk the sky gets black; We hear the gray wolf's scream; The eight hooves are coming back; And the ravens' flight we've seen; We see the signs by Odin shown; Our wish to fight now has grown; We will f...

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6. Our Quest

Into the battle I ride; The gods and my brothers at my side; Facing thousand enemies; Surrounding us but we will not kneel; Pulling our swords that will never rest; Defending our thoughts and finish o...

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7. Predators In A Human Shape

I dress myself in battle clothes; Preparing me to fight; My brothers I will meet them soon; Together we will ride; From the slopes of death we came; To destroy the years of blame; Brake the chains we ...

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8. Raknarök

Sitting in the great halls of Asgard; Fathers, brothers, me and glorious gods; Watching Midgard, the life of men without fear; But the sound of Gjallahorn reaches my ear; The sign Bifrosts guardian ha...

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9. With Fire And Claws

Fly through the waves; We will leave our homes and our glorious lands to; Die for our gods; And punish false prophets with swords in our hand; See the black clouds; Leading the dragon through giants i...

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