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1. Goodbye (Feat. Mat Kearney)

Everybody's got their reasons; Everybody's got their lines; Everybody says forever; But it's never 'round when it dies; My heart is on the table; Somebody's gotta try; I'm willing and I'm able; Don't ...

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2. Hey Love

This love is all I've ever wanted; Please don't stop the magic; You're all I've ever wanted; Hey love; Why don't we just lay here? Let's not overthink it; Let the others do their own thing; It took a ...

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3. How Hard I Try

I'm holding on to many things passed; To anything that's gonna change my memories back; I'm holding on to everyone good; To everything that's ever been the way that It should; I'm holding on to things...

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4. Vienna By The Sea

One more night, another new town; Another bright stage covered in sound; Curtain falls, the lights go down; I hear your voice when the silence drown; Tell me why I left you there; When I feel this way...

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