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1. Anthem

Lately I've been feeling the same; I've been loosing hope, resisting the pain; It's cold outside, I wish it were clearer; Sometimes, It's just easier to turn around and... ; ...look in the mirror; Som...

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2. Ashley (feat. Aruna)

Second from lies to cover her; No one could see through; If they’d done done / you played it dumb? Waiting for her last day to come; So you can breathe again; Ohh.. Ashley, Tell me…; Have you been los...

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3. Back Into Our Lives

In your eyes I’ll see the night; Passing trough; I can feel the burning light; Coming soon; Wall the night steel the live; It’s time to chose; So come on let's bring the fire; Back into our lives

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4. Closer Now (feat Fisher)

Am I wrong to want you near? A bit of heaven with you beside me. I see your face in the eyes of the sky. But you are farther than, far tonight. ; Am I wrong to feel this way? Watching my tears fall do...

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5. Soul And The Sun

In the twist of the morning light; Lies a soldier that doesn’t fight; There’s a battle going wrong; War don’t care what side you’re on; Someone’s watching from far away; No one’s ever really safe; And...

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6. This Night (feat Audrey Gallaguer)

Walk through the light; I'm already there; I'll heal your heart in here; And through this night; We'll open each door; And face a thousand fears; And all this aching will disappear; When this night is...

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