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1. Air Tight

You told me things would work out for better or for worse; Well hold your breath, we're not as air tight as we seem to be; Yesterday i tried to be the one you think you thought you'd see; Yesterday i ...

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2. Arm Yourself

And she left; No Goodbyes; No i'll miss you; That was it; Her last words were drive safe; An invitation to an accident; It's been the waste of another year...but what's the waste of one more year? Arm...

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3. Breathing Room

you always said that if i'm a star then you're a constellation; but the sky is burnt out and we're just going through emotions; you've got this mile wide smile that follows you and lights up rooms; i'...

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4. Coalfield

everyone here is just passing through; and no one's leaving, no one's leaving you. this old place, it's just one big cliche. and we are just the same, we are just the same. ; please say that i'm worth...

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5. Falling And Failing

I told myself, you've got to shake this jealous thing; It's the last thing you need; I told myself, just drop this anti-trust act; It is so self-defeating... and not worth repeating; And I watched you...

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6. Goodnight Suicide

So this is it. This will be the last song. That I write. I've finally run out of things to say. And rewrote these sad songs. About 400 different ways. Sleep away the afternoon. Dream of cities on the ...

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7. Last Year's Fashions

Noone here believes that the earth is round; Their world ends at the edge of town; The prairie burns last year's harvest clean; And wheat fields become the skyline; This city gets so quiet sometimes; ...

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8. My Black Lung

My father’s hands wore their way right through his gloves through thirty years of doubt and love, thirty years of drought and flood. Trussing grid rode steady, moving in straight lines, traveling from...

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9. Offenses Between Us

If you could recognize the obvious; It all comes down to faults and blame; You're stuck in place you should have never been; Scared to death to start again; We're not through, its not that easy; Never...

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10. Shiver

I've turned this place inside out; And upside-down; Just for some answers; Was i your anchor? I kept you tied down but i couldn't; Save you from drowning; I couldn't save you... ; The snow fell before...

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11. Sing To You

See the stars on a clear night; See them pass us by; Brace yourself for a long drive; Try to rest your tired eyes; I'll wake you when we get there; I'll wake you when we fall from places far too high;...

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12. Spineless | Heartless

Roaming eyes read cheating lips; As roaming hands brush cheating hips; Did you think i wouldn't notice? Everything falls into place; As you fall back on your old ways; Deny everything. ; I've been goi...

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13. The Luckiest Boy

it's how you smile; and gently say "tomorrow never comes"; it gets me every time it makes me think; that maybe i; could wash my hands of all these fears and doubts; that wrap themselves around me; but...

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14. This Revolution Can Wait Til Morning

you used to say we were alright; you never say what you mean; and i've been taking this alright; you're taking this out on me; you can play this at my funeral; if i survive this week; you'll be the de...

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