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1. A Kid Without a Hero

A kid without a hero; Don't believe in yourself; A beauty in a family; Demand to be felt (do not buy); Drawing pictures on the wall; Memories inside your room; And take, what you want; And take, what ...

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2. A Man In The Mirror

Cold task for any night; When I call and I did not try; And I blind the truth; We can fix it together; All the plans was right; Led by a bad rain, denied; Rising high till heaven; Only for testify; Wh...

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3. Arva

Under your instruction; And pretending to fly; Surrounded by words; And the tears that you cried; Discussing your lies to us; And I failed in this, one more time; You took my soul; Where do you go? It...

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4. Grant

When I start to seek; A star to count time; I will look inside; To see a good man; This road belongs to me; I'm in, to feel alive; Horizontal line, we should be high; I will do it right; (The same fau...

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5. Heart or Soul

Time to be hero; And save the time that belongs to you; Heart or soul; A truth right there; A pride may be required; And you will be young again

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6. Highlights

Just for me; Regrets and choices; I will run to; I can be; Better than me; I will run to, become; And I really don't know where I will end up tonight; But I know, where I finish, it's where I should b...

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7. Regrets On The Wind

I went through a thousand lines; I'm on the coastal edge; I lied to me; I made me stop here; When the ocean becomes dark; The light is not in front of me; I close my eyes; And jump in; I was a rude bo...

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8. Room To Farewell

So far from over; And close to hide the only light that's on; I didn't found my answers; Maybe I'm not looking right; Just looking around; Nothing is done; Scars from older times; All these pictures a...

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9. Sick

Trust me, old heart, I am not sick; To me, pure love, it's hers; We're waiting so slowly; You stay and we can face it; I imagine you, to keep me alive; I am homeless in my own heart; We lose time wait...

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10. Triggers

Tears making storms; Hidden with the rain sound (my lungs, breathless); Wait makes you lose your time, fading away; What can I do to escape? Sleeping in the box; Lie down and have not done; It's our n...

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11. You and Me

Tell me why this morning; A second sunny sunday; And I'm away from you; More than a boring monday; And I alone and dumb; I feel like a fool; Then; Hunt my heart; And take my soul; I'll be waiting for ...

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