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1. Ali

Why do you wait; For the sun to dry your eyes; When you lie you can’t see; Exhaust fumes make you; Numb, sleep, run; A leaf in the highway wind; You will show yourself; He will know yourself; You don’...

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2. Chercher

Walking through a maze of giving orders; The narrow aisle so dim; Flourescent light that echoes off the ceiling; Glass that speaks the light that tries to say; Bodies fall away with sleep disorder; Th...

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3. Glass Table

There’s nothing like being torn apart; By what holds you together; Should have built my house in something solid; Standing in the center of a glass table; But can’t see through until it breaks; I lose...

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4. Photobook

Take your time, your on your own; And I'll be watching you as you sleep late tonight. The feeling's only natural; To defile something that is beautiful. ; Creep in my mind to control now; Feel their p...

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5. Picture Of A Key

Sculptors Hands; At work spreads thin Clay over frames; It’s just what he wanted flawless skin-deep deep eyes to look with; Mesmerize; In blank stare; He looks at his hands with hopeless fear as the c...

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6. Room Full Of Smiles

Hey did you know; This room will fill with smiling folks; Who know me well; With dollar smiles and chairs that are made of gold; Impress, glass of wine and matching dining sets; To show a success of a...

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7. Turning Your Ear

The phone i rang; Your message picked up, I voiced my name; I could feel the tensions rise, the elevation; Now that you're here; Your voice is ringing oh so clear; Now it's your opinion that does not ...

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8. Unfinished Song

Open notes; Playing with a soft delicate; Cover Girl; Million dollar legs stray; Pressured by a sequence; Followed by shrined symptoms; Poison marked so free; It’s gonna kill me; Mirrors; Taled a trut...

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9. Whirlpools

Tranquil eyes follow shady lines; Roaming through broken hearts and shattered morals; Your aeroplane falling from the sky; Devastating trust in you pentagon of truth; You instrument dying to play your...

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10. Year Of The Dead

Dawn my skin; Thinking of memories; In my yesterdays dream; And the truth was in; Watching as children pass; Over birds of the sin; And the Son will rise; Like a morning star overhead; Bring on the da...

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11. Your Lurking Shadow

The party rages on that night; Thoughts trickle in my mind, remember it’s my time; Bottled all my regrets inside; The cap is turning loose hold on and I refuse; With open eyes and two deaf ears; Light...

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