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1. All Or Nothing

Sitting on a fence your heart can feel the warmth of the one who pulled you out of the cold; Trying to walk the line, you don't know which way to go but your about to loose your hold; Which way to fal...

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2. Back To You

Sitting here all away from you; I've tried so hard i don't know what I should do; Its all been tried,and all has failed; to bring me back to where i once fell; (Chorus); I just want to find my way bac...

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3. Crush

I fell into your eyes; And I got lost trying to find my way; Into your heart; I’m taken by; A rush that she gives me; Is it just how she sees me; That gives me such a crush; It’s drawing me to her; An...

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4. I Found Forever

I thought my world was complete. I was living a life made on shaky ground. I was blinded so I couldn't see. I couldn't stand I thought I was drowning. I thought I was sinking. I thought I was dying. ;...

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5. Just To Please You

I gaze into my eyes; I wander what my future holds for me in You; I pray all day and night; That I would do just what You want me to; I will live my life for You; Just to please You, Father; Is my one...

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6. Light My Way

I’ll tell You everything I am; I’m lost and lonely; I’m afraid of not knowing when I’ve lost my way; and now I’m standing still; and I can feel you getting closer; I can feel Your love upon me; will Y...

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7. My Heart Cries Out

I see You coming closer; I feel You coming near; My heart melts; As I open my door; And all I see; Is You there; Yes my heart cries out; I see You, oh my God; And I need You in my heart; I feel You, o...

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8. The Call

A dark shadow is arising on a dry and thirsty soul; And in the darkness it is hiding so no one could ever know; Of the emptiness inside him or the rate at which it grows; He tries hard to fight the ba...

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9. You Don’t Know

Your eyes are watching me closely; Somehow you think that your not seen; You look through me in deep thought; But all that’s on your mind in my unreal faults; ; You don’t know; You don’t know me; You ...

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10. You Found Me First

I thought I was ahead of the game; Even though I could not name what I was looking for; I thought I had it all worked out; Even though I was feeling the worry and the doubt; I tried to hide behind mys...

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