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1. Fool To The Moon

Madness, madness; There is no time, no remedy; Faceless, faceless; The mirror is now my enemy; Save me, save me; Please can you feed my vice? Punch me, punch me; And kill me once or twice; Am I a poet...

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2. Human Mind

Once again I see my life; Just become a fantasy; Once again I’ll feel the pain; Cause I know it waits for me; Seems the end of time; All the words I speak; Now...they’re under risk; Secrets once I kep...

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3. Men Of The Past

A road to unknown stands before mankind But who’s to go? Stare into the past and understand we’re not so strong; Men of the past the last but never to grow old; Guerrilla killing in London underground...

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4. No Surrender

Part 1 Sign Of Times; What can we do? We can’t hide the truth; Is this our final stand? No time to surrender; Is this the sign of times? Where have we failed? Will all mankind survive? Will we prevail...

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5. Rave Of War

Soviets and madmen took control; The planet is burning; Bombers tearing up the sky; The next attack we’ll die; Yankees and Arabics losing souls; No where’s conquerors; An acid lethal virus in the air;...

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