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1. Caught In The Fall

How far did you think you'd take this? Cross the fault lines; Can't ready my mind; Better now we know; You're lost in this trepidation; Contradictions I can't live with; Well know you know; It's all t...

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2. Fire Away

If you could take it back, What would you say; If I were under attack, Would you save me; You left me love, Stricken; But you were, Never the victim; Let's start this, Riot in your name; Take my life,...

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3. In The Dark

Oh, are you even in this; The scars they form with distance; A prison; it's like I'm trapped inside my mind; Oh, how did we get lost, In this moment; Are you a victim or are you a witness, In this lif...

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4. Nightmare

You've been waiting and praying that I might; Grow up and change my ways; Through all the crying and lying you can't find; Sense to make, your escape; Take my time you're not going anywhere; You would...

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5. No Ghost

There's no light, nothing left to fear; Out of sight, pictures of you so unclear; You tried taking your time; Behind enemy lines; You lied one too many times; I'm done listening; Redefine all that I k...

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6. Save You

You dropped the axe; Your conscience is folding; Behind your back hides the keys to not knowing; What keeps you at the top is what keeps us in the darkness; What will they say when their whole world's...

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7. Wasteland

What do you get from me? You're pushing me over the edge until you see; That we came from nowhere; A wasteland of dreams to be never healing; What do I gotta say? Here we are at the start; Where it al...

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