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1. Eat Your Words

Your potential faded so fast; No future here you're already apart of the past; The facade wont last, losing your grip; Harder you try, further you slip; Your potential faded so fast; No future here yo...

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2. Identity Crisis

Try to buy into my respect; Six months ago's to soon to forget; Memories of the scene of the crime; You fucking poser you crossed the line; Beyond a joke; Every single fucking word; Gone up in smoke; ...

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3. In My Eyes

Get over yourself, deal with it you attention seeking hypocrite; Run your mouth but you full of shit, your bullshit ego makes me sick; My patience is wearing paper thin, You're not shutting up, giving...

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4. Lost Cause

First time lucky, but i fucked it up; My perfect fucking timing, falling short of enough; Holding in all my doubts, tried to make what we shared fucking count; It's a lost cause; Holding on for better...

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5. Never There

You were style over substance and nothing more; When it came down to whats inside, you fell so fucking short; This is damaged, far beyond repair; You cant force, what was never fucking there; You'll n...

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6. Say Goodbye (intro)

Oh Shit! I know exactly how this should start; I'm counting the days until you fall apart; I remember when this meant so much more; When did it become such a fucking chore? Think you've done enough, s...

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7. So You Say

The deceit and half truths never end; To many broken bridges for you to mend; Tell another lie, cover your tracks; Worked so well for you in the past; It'll finally catch up on you; You forget which l...

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8. Textbook Case

Instead of forming opions of your own; Just walk the line, another mindless close; People like you bring out the worst in me; You're your own worst enemy; Be more than just another face in the crowd; ...

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9. Twist The Knife

I cant belive you're in this mess; Self respect lying fucking dead; I know so much shit you'll wish i didnt; I'll bide my time then twist the knife; You fucked this up everyone knows the truth; Im gon...

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10. Two Of Three

Drop all the names you can, every eyes on you; Emphasis on who not what you are here to do; You make me fucking sick; Only here for the social scene, you're dragging us down; I won't forget the third ...

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11. You'll Never Learn

Down but not out; Mistakes - so many made; Do you see the error in your ways; Take a step back, swallow your pride; You fucked this up, now pay the price; I know it's hard to ask for help; Stop lookin...

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