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1. Crying Out Loud

The past is too far; Presents too loud; Wake up and suddenly youre so lost; Bittersweet memories; Knew the truth about lies; Carrying the world upon your shoulders; Dreams of the past, as if life was ...

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2. In Spite Of You

We all knew that one day; Life was going to leave you sad; The way you choose, bitterness; Leave you ashes and wilderness; Let us down, cast you aside; Who will be next that youd; Unwisely let down; O...

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3. James D

Ive seen the world from another eye; To get another point of view of the mankind; As I see them today; See them through the eyes of a child; Innocent as a new born babe; Fascinated and amazed; By the ...

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4. Melancholy Madness

Blow your ashes away; the dust is coming back again; Sorrow, hide behind your smile; through your eyes, ires cant pass by; Your past mistakes has never been erased; for all the so long nights Ive stay...

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5. Pastime Glories

Pastime glories; Now that our world has grown stone cold; I can feel your hate through them; Swallowed all of our pride; Not to be famous : it will be another failed play; Dont fake a smile, can depen...

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6. Twice (the Echo Of My Life )

The worst is still to come (Dont lose control); That new reality inside of me and you its not gone (A shame); This time the trick wont turn on anymore; No faith, no breath, plastic thought choked your...

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7. Unlocked

I remember my lost country; Filled with heavy roads; My Canada will always be my land of opportunities; Feel down for one day, and then cheer up again; Ive found through these windy roads; Someone I w...

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