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1. A Final Wish

Do you see the silhouettoes of the fading morning sun; That is binding you so closely to you soul; All the memories of your life inscribed and your visions are on fall; Cause it´s an everyday ocurrenc...

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2. A Shadow Remains

I can see the past and present; In the ripples of the sea; Time is no longer unknown; Now I live on the waves of sorrow; I see beyond horizons, far from evil, beyond all time; It´s a cast of innovatio...

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3. Below And Beyond Above

I am the lord of them all; I am the ruler of worlds; I am the angel of light, I am the antichrist; ; I travelled a thousand years; Through sadness and falling tears; I wandered an endless path; My les...

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4. In Between

Here I am Trapped in this darkness; Precious time Life slips away; Questions asked Who is eternal; Truth denied Who is the one to remain; ; In between worlds, there is all evil, in between worlds; Now...

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5. My Friend

Excrusiating memories fills your head; When you remember how the pain was feed; Now turn away there is no time to mourn; Awake your past and see it form; ; Do dreams follow a path within your mind; Me...

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6. Psychotic

Psychotic thoughts inside; Madness in my mind; I have left this dream now to die; the veils of time has left it´s wicked mark; To you I´m just a lie; A puzzle you can´t untie; Jesters joke to find; Ps...

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7. Strange Intimation

Come here my child, let me look into your eyes; Can´t you see I am near, I am one of your kind; You lie there shivering in silence as you tears are falling down; Do you remember what´s been foretold; ...

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8. This Journey Of Mine

Spinning clowns and broken glass; Little angels drinking gas; Climbing helpless in God´s beared; I may be the one I feared; ; Drowning, I am falling; Someones breath inside my head; ; Journey of mine,...

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