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1. A Different Life

Verse 1:; Oh reminisce; On every little thing that I did on you; Knowing now your love for me was true; I guess its time for me; To let you go 'cos you're always on my mind; A love like yours I know i...

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2. From My Heart

Verse 1:; Now it's time to realise, where do we go; A broken heart left in the past; My feelings move on; What should I say, how should I feel; I hope this time that it's for real; Chorus:; I'll stand...

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3. Infidelity

c´mon c´mon yeahyeah; [vers 1]; you´ve been talkin in your sleep and you´ve rased my curiosity; you´ve been called in out of name let me down in your senserity; so why´d you play this games with me wh...

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4. Is This The Way

Verse 1:; I'm just sitting here on my own; She's talking on the phone; Won't stop nagging me, harassing me; She won't leave me alone, As she walked into my lonely life; Was looking for something brand...

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5. Let It Be

Verse 1:; All night I've wanted you, you've caught my; Stare and now; I'm in control; And now you come to me, you talk to me; With that sensual tone; Bridge:; But when you smile at me, I can't resist ...

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6. One Step Away

Verse 1:; You were always telling me; That I would be the only one; So good for you, so good for you; I never knew that you were fooling around; Having fun; So good for you, so good for you; But oh oh...

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7. Party All Night

The music's pumping, everybodys jumping; New York to Cisco, DJ's playing disco.(x2); Ba da da da ba ba; Ba da da da ba ba, ba ba(x2); Verse 1:; Tell me girl why you still crying; There's no point cos ...

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8. Rainbow

Verse 1:; How do you mend a heart, when your whole; World is falling apart; Where do we start? How do you say goodbye, to the best thing; In your life; Cuts like a knife; Bridge:; You're part of every...

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9. Sometimes When We Touch

You ask me if I love you; And I choke on my reply; I'd rather hurt you honestly; Than mislead you with a lie; And who am I to judge you; On what you say or do? I'm only just beginning to see the real ...

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10. Spanish Eyes

Ahh yeah; I never wanted this feelin; I never thought it would come; this love that grew inside me; but i knew what had to be done; Baby I loved you, Held you; did everything your heart desired; but l...

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11. The One

Verse 1:; Sitting here wondering which way to go, I show my affection but you still say no, I'm in illusion, what's going on? Hoping one day we will be as one, ; Bridge:; I know I've made mistakes in ...

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12. Why

Verse 1:; One more night alone now; My heart's in pain; Looking at these four walls; Driving me insane; I can't go outside; The thoughts of seeing you; I carry the this heartache; That you put me thro...

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