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1. All You'll Get

Too many answers for me today; I love you my brother but i need time away; The smell of my bedroom is all that i can take; Away from the voices, the choruses they raise; This is all you'll get; This i...

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2. Lampshade

I caught the thought that's flying; in zig-zags and in quiet; put it in a picture frame; for safe keeping all of your precious things now; hush now, lady, please don't say those things; Such a pretty ...

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3. Ok Alright

've got to figure out just where I was running to; I'm sure that little place must be quite nice; I've got a feeling that I lost my point of view; 'cause I can't see the stars that light the sky; So b...

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4. The Giant

Repeat the words that I speak out now; You've got a big problem with short term memories; Your water and medicine are wearing thin; Please rinse off the chlorine and the facts; That have been sweet ca...

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